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Tesla Could Have a Surprise as it Prepares for Early Earnings Announcement

Consensus calls for another loss, but a key short-seller has now gone bullish.

by Paul A. Eisenstein on Oct.24, 2018

Does Tesla CEO Elon Musk have a surprise awaiting analysts with today's earnings announcement .

Tesla stock has surged about 14% this week, largely driven by news that a long-time critic is suddenly singing a new tune.

Activist short-seller Andrew Left has long held a negative view on the California carmaker but this week wrote that Tesla is “destroying the competition,” while adding that “warning signs” that have scared off many other investors “have proven not to be significant.”

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Left and other Tesla bulls could find out if they’re placing the right bets when the company reveals its third-quarter earnings this evening. What professional gamblers might call a significant “tell” is the fact that Tesla has decided to move up the release of its financial report which originally wasn’t expected until early next month. Instead, it will be released today at 6:30 PM EDT. (more…)