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Jeep Museum May be in the Works With Help From FCA

New gallery might be at Toledo plant.

by Joseph Szczesny on Aug.13, 2018

The success of this year's Jeep Fest in Toledo has organizers thinking there might be enough support for a museum.xx

Auto museums aren’t exactly thriving these days but the fans in Toledo, Ohio, the birthplace of the iconic Jeep, are talking up the possibility of creating a Jeep Museum with help from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Dozens or rare Jeeps turned up this past weekend for the Jeep fest at the Sea Gate Convention Center in Toledo, which only served to bolster support for the idea, according to local news reports.

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Organizers of Jeep Fest, which attracted Jeep fans from 27 states, said they have held talks about establishing a museum with FCA, which has made the Jeep brands its major profit center since the old Chrysler Group’s 2009 bankruptcy. (more…)

Pick A Piece Of History?

Smithsonian asking public to vote on which cars to display.

by Paul A. Eisenstein on Dec.28, 2010

The Tucker sedan is one of eight models that could wind up on display at the Smithsonian.

We’ve all made that list of which books (or CDs or movie stars) we’d want to have if stuck on a desert island.  But if you thought that choice was tough, here’s the real challenge: which two cars would you put on display to represent the American automotive industry?

That’s the question curators at the Smithsonian Institution were asking themselves when they began preparing a new exhibit for the National Museum of American History.  They’re ducking the issue by turning the question over to the public, asking them to vote as part of what they’ve dubbed the “Race to the Museum.”

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The folks at the Smithsonian have narrowed the choices down to eight models that cover most of the first century of the American auto industry – indeed, offering up an 1880 steam-powered trike, built in Massachusetts, that significantly predates the 1896 Duryea that most experts cite as the start of U.S. automotive manufacturing.

Another early offering is the 1894 Balzer, a primitive 4-wheeler that was the first automobile to navigate the streets of New York.  It was built by a Tiffany-trained watchmaker.


Milestones: First Year of the Porsche Museum

There have been more than 530,000 visitors and 14,326 steaks served at the Christophorus Restaurant since its inception.

by Ken Zino on Feb.09, 2010

Latter day interpretation of a medieval cathedral is devoted to the relics of a celebrated brand.

The Museum of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG has just celebrated its birthday after more than 530,000 visitors made a pilgrimage to the Stuttgart, Germany venue during its first year of operation.

The later day automotive cathedral has 5,600 square meters of exhibition space, and is supported on just three columns of reinforced concrete – giving it a floating look. Inside the building there are at least 80 exhibits.

“In its first 365 days our Museum has developed into a truly dynamic and living enterprise. In many respects we have significantly exceeded even our own ambitious expectations,” claims Achim Stejskal, the Director of the Porsche Museum.

The new building also contains the museum workshops, the museum shop, the Porsche archive, a restaurant, and a bistro.   (more…)